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FORTUS 900/400/360/250/200® SERIES



DIMENSION 1200/768 ®









FDM 8000/3000/1650/1600® SERIES






ARGYLE MATERIALS, Inc. wholesales Model & Support Material for Production 3D Printers.

Our goal is to provide an alternative choice and excellent value to OEM materials for Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Machines.

Argyle Materials provides a Direct Plug & Play Refill Alternative to OEM Materials for your machine. No modifications or
re-calibrations of your machine are required;  the supplied 
EEPROM ensures that Argyle Material will run seemlessly on
your machine.

Keep 3D printing Green: Refill and Re-Use your OEM 3D Printing Cassettes & Canisters with Argyle Printing Materials.


Note (1).   Disclaimer:

You may not obtain the same percentage increases in your margins as illustrated in the charts above. The percentages improvements to total margin and materials only margin are very dependent on fixed costs.  Fixed Costs vary significantly from from Customer to Customer. In the examples above Fixed Costs have been assumed to equal Machine and Upgrade Fee depreciation. If your fixed costs are higher than depreciation the impact on your margins will be higher. Similarly if your fixed costs are lower than depreciation the impact on your margins will be less.  Please also note if the cost of your Machine is higher or lower or the cosst of Material Updgrade fees are higher or lower the calculations of percentage improvement to total margin and materials only margin will be different. Please reffer to the assumptions tab for each machine to see exactly the basis of the calculations presented.