P430 (M-type) ABS Material for Fortus 900/400/360 mc® Printers SUPERSIZE 184 (cu in) Spool

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Argyle offers a SUPER SIZE compatible spool/material for Stratasys® Fortus 900/400/360 mc® 3D printers.  These Spools are 184 (cu in) in volume, twice the size of a standard 92 (cu in) Canister spool. Argyle injection molds a custom spool that loads easily into a regular canister and contains twice the volume of material. We also supply an eeprom configured for 184 cubic inches.

SUPER SIZE spools are ideal for large unattended builds over extended periods of time. Or simply running your machine unattended over the weekend. Stop paying overtime or interrupting your nights or weekends to reload your machine.  A double model bay machine with two SUPER SIZE spools can run unattended for ~ seven days and run on any machine that normally runs standard 92 (cu in) Canisters. No Adjustments or Recalibrations of your Machine are required.

The 100% money back guarantee makes this an easy decision. And, if you are wanting a custom color, we can do that too. Try one now!

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Ships within 24 Hours
Material Type:
ABSmax (P430) (ABSplus® REFILL)
SUPER SIZE 184 (cu in)
Filament Diameter:
1.75 mm
Cost per Cu In: